Where to begin finding the perfect baby name? 

Sometimes parents know exactly what they want their child’s name to be, Others don’t pick a name until after the child is born. There is no right or wrong time to start thinking about it; but where do you start when you feel like you have no ideas? 

Here are the top 3 trends we are seeing in baby names. Hopefully one will spark some inspiration. 

100+ Year-old Gems 

The Century before is making a comeback, specifically names popular from the 1930’s and before are making a statement. What you would think of as a grandparents name is now becoming trendy again, Think Robert, James, Barbara and Patricia. 

To get ideas of “older” names 

● Take a look at the census from 100 years ago 

● Look at characters names from old books or literature 

● Check out your family tree 

Nature or Boho Names 

The world has always served as inspiration for things like art, literature,and music. Nature names hold a lot of meaning within them. Names like Lily and Rose will always be timeless nature names. But as of recently, less traditional nature and boho names are starting to grow more and more popular, Imagine Amethyst, Celeste, Faye, Atlas, Forrest and Wilder. 

To get ideas for nature or boho names: 

● Go on a hike or stroll for inspiration 

● What part of nature holds meaning to you? 

● Use a thesaurus to find fun alternatives to your favorite parts of nature 

Gender Neutral Names 

As society changes and continues to progress, gender neutral names are seeing the biggest spike in popularity. Names are seen as less “girly” and “boyish.” The rise of gender neutral names started with millennial parents. Along with gender neutral names, gender neutral clothing and toys are also becoming more popular. A lot of gender neutral names are influenced by pop culture and shift with popularity over time. Names like George, Finley, Harley, Kyle, Ryan, Teagan and Wren have become names for both genders. 

We know choosing a name is a difficult decision to make. This is why we provided some great unique places to begin. The thing to remember is it’s YOUR choice. Just take a walk in the park or down the family tree. Don’t be too hasty tossing a name because of outdated gender sigma and have some fun!