Are you looking for an early gender test?

Early gender testing is a fun way to get through the first trimester and start planning for your little one. Early gender testing can also tell you the gender of your child before any type of anatomy scan. 

Options for Early Gender Testing

At Blooming Baby, we strongly recommend getting tested intravenously with a Peekaboo test at the clinic for the sake of accuracy. As at-home tests can be altered by exposure to other people or even pets. 

SneakPeek/Peekaboo at Home Test 

One of the most popular at-home testing kits is the SneakPeek testing kit. The main reason why we do not recommend at home early gender testing is that it doesn’t ensure accuracy. 

The in-home test comes in the mail. The mother makes a small prick on her finger to fill a small vile. Results are sent to the lab and tested. 

However , Any detection of a male chromosome will result in a positive male test. It can be super tricky to get a clean sample at home. Especially if there are males living in your household. Even a male cat or dog can contaminate your test. 

Clinical Peekaboo Test

Getting a Clinical Peekaboo test ensures a clean, professional environment where your test will be performed with safety, comfort, and accuracy in mind. 

Peekaboo early gender DNA testing determines the baby’s gender based on whether or not there is a Y chromosome in the mother’s blood. If a Y chromosome is present, the baby is a boy. If there is no Y chromosome present, the baby is a girl. 

Here at Blooming Baby, we offer early gender testing as early as 7 weeks using Peekaboos Clinical blood test done by a Certified Phlebotomist. 

We strive to offer our clients the most up-to-date, accurate equipment and testing. Peekaboo gender tests are 99.5% accurate, making it the most accurate early gender testing service on the market. It is also the earliest gender test available, allowing you to know your baby’s gender at just 7 weeks. Peekaboo is also endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.