Being a parent is a learning process, trust me I have 3 kiddos. You try your hardest but you will eventually make a mistake or your child will and it leaves you with a memory you’ll never forget.

For me, it was taking a walk one afternoon. We like to bring gloves and bags to pick trash up as we go, which keeps my kids engaged. Anyways, this particular day we had my friend along. She and my daughter were off the trail a bit. I hear my daughter proudly exclaim “I found my mom’s favorite pop”. I hear my friend laugh. My daughter continued, “ She keeps cases of it in our van”. My friend comes around holding a Coors Light can. My sweet child had yelled to the entire park that my favorite pop is Coors and more so that I have cases of it in our van. Let me tell you I couldn’t explain that I drink Diet Coke fast enough.

Still, the days continue. …

Just the other day I took my children to a festival. A lovely 70° day with a cool breeze made for an awesome festival. My kids were all excited when we saw a s’more station. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen, Tall counter height fire tables set up with stools for the kids. They gave us our s’more bag equipped with a skewer for the marshmallow, a packet with 2 graham crackers, and a small bar of chocolate. My independent girls instantly got started roasting despite me saying to prepare the crackers first. I ended up holding my son in one arm with his marshmallow and my daughter’s stick in the other while she got her crackers ready. The middle child then realized she should have gotten her crackers out so she set her baggie on the counter.

As I’m sure you guessed her bag started on fire.
I’m panicking, the mom next to me is panicking, we’re both yelling for her to drop the bag, at this point she’s waving it in the air to stop the flames. She finally let us go and the wind carries it towards the mom and her daughter next to us. That mom had ninja skills kicking the bag out of the air and stomping the fire out. I was still standing there with my son in one arm and my oldest’s marshmallow in the other, forever grateful to this mom.

All I’ve realized is I’m the mother of the Three Stooges…

Being a parent is the hands-down best job in the world. I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything. Just think of all the laughs I’d be missing out on.