A growing family comes with many new and exciting moments. For a lot of women, guessing the gender of their baby can be a lot of fun. Even if you are planning on not finding out the gender before they arrive, it is still exciting to have your family and friends guess. 

There is no scientific evidence behind any oldwives tales for gender prediction, but rather just a hypothesis passed down through generations. Testing out these oldwives tales can be a fun party game for a baby shower or just something to do during a relaxing night at home. Before you find out the gender of your baby, here are some of our favorite old wives tales to try out!

The Ring Test

Hang a ring over your belly by tying it to a string. If it swings in circular motion it indicates a girl and side to side motion indicates a boy. 

Picking Up a Mug 

They say if you pick up a mug by the handle it’s a boy. And if not, it’s a girl. 

The Garlic Test 

Do you love garlic and don’t mind the smell, you might be having a little girl. 

Soft or Dry Hands?

Soft hands during pregnancy are supposed to mean you are having a girl while dry hands are a boy. 

Food Cravings

Do you prefer salty or sweet? If you are craving salty snacks you may be expecting a little boy. But if you prefer a sweet treat, it may be a little girl. 

Eye Test

Look into the mirror for one minute. If your pupils don’t dilate, it indicates you’re having a girl. If your pupils are dilating, it indicates you’re having a boy.

You and Your Partner Both Enjoy Cravings 

Is your partner enjoying the pregnancy cravings just as much as you are? This is a sign you might be expecting a boy. 

Are you just too antsy to wait and find out until your ultrasound? We have an idea for you. Early gender predictions tests are very popular and are easy to do in our office. To learn more about early gender testing, or book an appointment with Blooming Baby  click here