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We are excited to announce a new event that we will be hosting every Wednesday at 10 AM called DNA & Donuts provided by SneakPeek Clinical. DNA & Donuts is an opportunity for expecting mothers to gather with other mothers close in term and discover the gender of their baby through a DNA test, as early as eight weeks!

FSneakPeek Clinical is an early gender DNA test that offers next-day results. All participants will be serviced by the on-site, licensed phlebotomist in our ultrasound studio’s private and comfortable room. As early as eight weeks, shared fetal DNA is circulating in a mother's bloodstream. The phlebotomist will extract a blood sample and immediately send it back to SneakPeek labs for the fastest turnaround time for results in the industry.

SneakPeek Clinical will process the blood sample and determine if a male Y chromosome is present in the blood. If the lab detects the Y chromosome, then you can expect you’re having a baby boy. If there is no Y chromosome, you can expect a baby girl.


Pricing is universal and offered through SneakPeek Clinical.

DNA Testing: $129 all-inclusive (two-day turnaround for results)

For next-day results: an additional $20

dna gender
8 week gender


Come experience the beauty of community that is within motherhood. Join in on the fun, support other mothers that are on the journey with you, and raise an incredible generation, together!

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